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Compare Best Ulip plans 2016

In 2006 and 2007 every one want to buy a ulip plan because that time our  general public do not understand difference in mutual fund and ulip , that time most of insurance agents also misleads the investor they told him that " If you invest 10,000 per year in ulip for 3 years then you get 1 crore after 20 year.
People pay these 10,000 per year and when they see NAV after 3 year they find they get nothing because insurance companies cut high insurance and management charges from there fund units so they withdraw his ulip after end of 3 year term and get near about principle amount.
2006 to 2011 is an initial stage of ulip plans so that time I am also warn investor to avoid ulips.
but now we are in 2016
where IRDA regulate strictly for expanses and charges in ulip and insurances companies also become smarter and they lauch new best ulip plans 2016.
here we compare and review top 3 ulip plans of 2016

1. SBI Life eWealth insurance:- 
SBI Life eWealth Insurance is a non-participating online unit linked insurance plan (ULIP)
SBI Life eWealth insurance give hassle free investment management through automatic asset allocation. 
In SBI Life eWealth insurance you have choice of two plans options - Growth and Balanced. 
Premiums starting as low as Rs 10,000 for yearly mode and Rs. 1,000 for monthly mode. 
No premium allocation charges, thereby enhancing your fund value. 
Easy and simple 3 Step online Buying Process. 
You may also get twin benefits of life insurance cover and market linked returns. 
No withdrwaral is allowed in first 5 year so liquidity through partial withdrawal(s) from 6th policy year onwards. 
Get Section 80C benefit on your premiums paid, as well as section 10(10D) benefit on the maturity amount. 
Link to visit SBI Life site for more detail. 
2. HDFC Life Click 2 Invest:- 
This is also an online ulip plan. which key features are:- 
100% Premium Allocation. 
No Policy Administration Charge. 
No discontinuance charges. Only FMC & Mortality Charges applicable.
Flexibility of paying your premium as Single, Regular or Limited paying term.
Policy term could be between 5 to 20 years.
Avail of benefits on premium paid under Sec 80C. 
Another plus point, Death benefit and Maturity 
benefits are exempt from Tax under Sec 10(10D). 
Link to visit HDFC Life site for more detail 
3.ICICI Pru Wealth Builder II:- 
Icici pru wealth builder 2 is also an online plan which invest in your choice of equity, debt or balanced funds.
You can take control of your investment so you can switch between funds any-time, 
tax-free benefits under 80C and 10D as above 2 ulips
You can make withdrawals on completion of 5 policy years Link to visit ICICI Pru site for more detail
Best health insurance plan 2016

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