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This is the part 2 of this series if you are new in this blog then please first read part 1 of this series

Today we give you 2 more tips to boost your insurance business
1.I meet so many insurance agent in my life and now I say clearly that “75 % of that agent have no any knowledge of there plans and business they look like a foolish when they open there ready reckoner to reply my questions just read my real conversation with one LIC agent
Agent: - hello sir I think you may need a LIC policy?
Me:- welcome sir, yes I defiantly need one but I not like ULIP so what is best child plan for my 5 year boy?
Agent: - sir, forget child plan ULIP is best product these day…
Me:- no no sir... I only need child plan. How many child plans have LIC? Which plan has fewer premiums?
Agent:- ok sir let me see ( he open his ready reckoner and read it 10 minutes sorry sir I think you may check LIC website for your need or I ask my manager for it..
So after read above conversation you may clear that LIC selling is not an easy job. if you want to get success you may update with all plan of your company so my mantra for you is “ UPDATE YOUR KNOWLADGE WITH ALL PLAN OF YOUR COMPANY not to advice someone foolishly first check his need then advice him right plan
2. ALSO UPDATE YOUR KNOWLADGE WITH OTHER COMPANIES PLANS... which are your competitors because one agent offer me ULIP of SBI then I say him some benefit of HDFC STANDERD LIFE CREST ULIP and I wonder that he agree with me. Instead of this, good agents who already study negative points of HDFC STANDERD LIFE CREST ULIP surely try to cut my points instead to admit defeat.
to be continued.......in part 3

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